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databases of independent expenditures
CRP Outside Spending See the Center for Responsive Politics’ data on how much politically active nonprofits have spent on federal elections and how that data breaks down across partisan lines.
nimsp Search the National Institute on Money in State Politics' records of independent spending.
fec Explore Federal Election Commission filings to see where a particular super PAC's funding comes from and the purchases it made with that money.
information about politically active nonprofits
guidestar Search the tax filings of politically active nonprofits to learn about their mission, board members, income, and political expenditures.
crp dark money groups The Center for Responsive Politics provides detailed information on politically active nonprofits, including what groups have spent in previous election cycles.
the ads that dark money buys
political ad archive The Internet Archive has information on ads that have aired in key primary states.
fcc The Federal Communications Commission has a searchable database of the public filings of radio and television stations, television networks, cable providers, and satellite systems that includes documents containing information on political ads.
super pac profiles
factcheck.org Read profiles of super PACs. (These PACs can receive contributions from dark money groups.)
state disclosure laws
nimsp The National Institute on Money in State Politics has information on state disclosure requirements for independent spending.
campaign finance terminology
crp glossary Confused by campaign finance terminology? Use this glossary compiled by The Center for Responsive Politics.