Environmental Defense Action Fund
political viewpoint:
2016 election spending:
(Source: The Center for Responsive Politics)
date created:
New York, NY
The Environmental Defense Action Fund is the political arm of the Environmental Defense Fund, a nonprofit that advocates for environmental preservation. The organization lobbies for strong environmental measures including preservation of natural lands and regulation of the energy sector to prevent environmental degradation.
involvement in federal and state elections:
The Environmental Defense Action Fund campaigns for green legislation and policies through lobbying, advertising, and candidate support. It supports both Republican and Democratic candidates whose views align with its mission of protecting the environment. In 2016 it supported two Democrats and three Republicans. It opposed ten Republicans.
known donors:
candidates supported:
Katie McGinty (PA Senate, 2016), Susan Collins (ME Senate, 2014), Alexander Lamar (TN Senate, 2014), Kay Hagan (NC Senate, 2014), Garret Graves (LA House, 2014), Chris Gibson (NY House, 2014), Pete Gallego, (TX House, 2014), Gwen Graham (FL House, 2014)
candidates opposed:
Thom Tillis, (NC Sentate, 2014), Cory Gardner (CO Senate, 2014), Terri Lynn Land (MI Senate, 2014), Joni Earnst (IA Senate, 2014)
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